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Medium Room

Listed by Baby Kamaruzaman
RM 450 /month
3 months ago
Sentul, Kuala Lumpur


Residential Type Condo / Serviced Residence
Floor Range Low
Room Type Middle Room
Furnished Fully Furnished
Facilities Swimming Pool, 24 Hour Security, Playground, Elevator
Other Facilities Washing Machine, Cooking Allowed, Near KTM/LRT
Tenant Preference Female
Preferred Ethnicity Malay


Rental RM450
Deposit RM450
Agreement & acces tag deposit RM100 
Total RM1000 (For 1st Move in)

Minimum rental period of 3 month with

Room Furniture Included 
✓ Bed & Mattress 
✓ Wardrobe 
✓ Dressing table
✓ Ceiling fan & Lights