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A/C Medium Room at Bayu Perdana

Listed by [email protected]
RM 500 /month
2 months ago
Klang, Selangor


Residential Type House
Floor Range High
Room Type Middle Room
Furnished Fully Furnished
Facilities Playground, Mini Market
Other Facilities Air-Cond, Washing Machine, Internet
Tenant Preference Male, Female, Couple
Preferred Ethnicity Chinese


A/C Medium Room at Bayu Perdana
Solok Batu Unjur 3, Taman Bayu Perdana,Klang
Medium Room - RM500 Include Utilities (Allow 2 people)
*Ceiling Fan
*Air Conditional
*Wardrobe with table
*Water heater
*Washing Machine
 -5mins walk to shop, restaurant & 99mark
 -5mins walk to park
 -5mins walk to Sekolah Teknik Vokasional Batu Unjur Klang
 -15mins walk to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (recommended to Medical Staff)
#Rental fee including Utilities
#Deposit (RM600)
#Prefer Chinese only and no smoke inside the house