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Double storey Bukit indah

Listed by [email protected]
RM 1,600 /month
2 hours ago
Iskandar Puteri, Johor


House Type 2-storey Terraced House
Bedroom 4
Bathroom 3
Size (sq.ft.) 1400
Furnished Partially Furnished
Facilities Playground


*FOR RENT ●Double Storey* 
 *Taman Bukit Indah* 
▪️Bukit indah double storey
▫️3 Bedrooms
▪️3 bathrooms
▫️No g&g
▪️2 water Heater
With Sofa, Dining table, refrigerator, kitchen table with cooker, master bedroom with cupboard
▪️Prefer Chinese
▪️RM 1600 nego