Never pay a booking fee or deposit before verify the identities of the agent and property owner.


House Type 1-storey Terraced House
Bedroom 3
Bathroom 1
Size (sq.ft.) 1200
Furnished Fully Furnished
Other Facilities Air-Cond, Washing Machine, Cooking Allowed


3 Room + 1 Toilet
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table with 6 chairs
Natural Gas + Gas Stove
Semi-Automated Washing Machine
TV Cabinet (with TV + Astro Njoi)
Air Conditioner (3 x Bedroom & 1 x Living Room)
4 x Bed with mattress
1 x water Heater
2 x clothes wardrobe

Area: Jalan Lawas, Taman Tunku

Deposit: (1 month Security Deposit & Utility deposit)
Security Deposit RM1050 + Utility Deposit RM100

Near Miri Airport (10 minute)
Miri City Center (25 minute)
General Hospital (15 minute)
Servay Supermarket Taman Tunku (5 minute)
Taman Tunku Town Centre (7 minute)
School (SMK Riam, SJK(C) Chung San, SK Temenggong Muip, SMK Taman Tunku)
Everwin Supermarket Taman Tunku (4 minute)
Emart Riam Supermarket (10 Minute)
Curtin University (40-45minute)

Interested pls direct call owner Mdm Jong (019-260 3653) for discussion or housing viewing
No Broker
Proper Agreement with Endorsement Stamp Duty will be provided upon the confirmation of rental.