Rules and Regulations

Listing for Real

Add listings for pure marketing purposes only. You should add your own listings and not add listings on behalf of someone else.


Listing Validity

All posted listings have a validity of 90 days on the Rent2u platform - after which it will be automatically deleted, and will not be visible to the public.


Listing Title

Your listing title should briefly describe what is being advertised, and should not contain any unnecessary search words.


Listing Description

Listing without description is not allowed. Your listing description should describe what is being advertised. It should also not contain unnecessary search words, or links to other auction/classifieds/marketplace sites.


Listing Category

You should add your listing in the relevant category that best describes what is being advertised.



You can add links that are relevant to your listing in the listing text description. However, you cannot add links to another auction, classifieds, or marketplace site.



Listing without image is not allowed. You should add images that are relevant to your listing.

An image is not suitable if it:

  • Was taken by another auction/classifieds/marketplace sites, and is being reused without their consent
  • Contains contact details
  • Contains promotional words
  • Contains a watermark of a company logo placed in the centre or any of the four corners of the image
  • Is downloaded from the website
  • Is not in JPEG or PNG format
  • Is too small or unclear, or is irrelevant reserves the right to:

  • Remove unsuitable images, and edit or delete any unnecessary search words or promotional words
  • Request advertisers to amend their listing to comply with the above mentioned rules
  • Suspend, deactivate and/or terminate any account which Rent2u deems to be inappropriate
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